Due to our longtime experiences and knowledge in the field of waste management, relevant stakeholder, as well as the process technique and economic framework conditions, the IEKrW provides competent advice on current topics of recycling, waste management and renewable energies. Our target groups include companies, associations and public bodies. As consulting services we are offering amongst others planning, construction, approval or operation of waste treatment plants, advice on waste management concepts as well as recycling, disposal and application of waste or input materials (e.g. substrates for biogas plants).

Selected references

2023 – 2024Consulting services for the conversion of a biowaste fermentation plant to a residual waste fermentation plant
2023Development of an environmental concept for a waste disposal company in Lower Saxony
2021Laboratory tests on waste from industry and development of new disposal options
2019 – 2020Consulting services for waste management as part of planning for the reconditioning of port facilities in Zanzibar
2015Consulting/analysis of ashes and condensates from wood gasification plant for disposal
2012Consulting services for the construction of a biogas plant in northern Germany
2012Plausibility assessment of a system concept for a biogas plant in India (Beratungsleistungen einer Biogasanlage in Indien)
2009Development of a refurbishment concept as well as consultancy and implementation for a wet fermentation plant for bio-waste in Lower Saxony
2008Co-digestion of sewage sludge and organic waste – consulting services to the current plans to optimize the digestion of a sewage treatment plant in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
2002Consulting services for the utilization of hospital waste and establishing a biogas plant in the Dublin area, Ireland
2000 – 2001Consulting services for the preparation of licensing documents for a construction waste sorting plant