Waste management and recycling

waste sorting analysis

The institute executes waste sorting analysis of various types of waste (municipal waste, recyclables, commercial and industrial waste) for companies and public bodies regularly and analysis recycling opportunities. Our further fields of activity include amongst others the development of operational and municipal waste disposal concepts, investigations for optimization of waste management plants (e.g. MBT, waste heating plants, biogas plants, composting plants) as well as material and energetic waste recycling, supporting analysis for the commissioning of technical plants and material flow analysis.

Waste sorting analysis

2021Sorting analysis of household waste and bio waste in a rural district in Lower Saxony
2021Sorting analysis and laboratory tests of lightweight packaging and commercial waste sorting residues from waste processing plants in Bremen
2019Sorting analysis of waste paper from municipal collection for a city in Lower Saxony
2018 – 2019Sorting analysis of residual waste for a city in Lower Saxony
2018Sorting analysis of commercial waste from a commercial waste sorting plant
2018Sorting analysis on commercial waste of a car manufacturer in Bremen
2017Sorting analysis of different paper types of a paper mill in northern Germany
2015Sorting analysis of waste paper from municipal collection
2013Sorting analysis to capture the proportion of small electrical appliances in the residual waste
2012Sorting analysis of plastics (bulky waste) in a northern German city, and analysis of recovery options and opportunities
2012Sorting analysis of recyclables (yellow bag) in several rural districts in Lower Saxony
2012Sorting analysis of household-type waste for a school in Lower Saxony
2011Sorting analysis of household waste in several rural districts in Lower Saxony
2010Sorting analysis of household waste in an MBA in Lower Saxony
2009Sorting analysis of waste paper, impurities in container places, illegal dumping and disposal of waste in public places in Bremen
2008Sorting analysis including types of plastics determination of input and output fractions of sorting of the recycling parks Lower Weser

Further selected references

2021Laboratory tests on waste from industry and development of new disposal options
2021Preparation of CO2 balances for waste treatment and wastewater plants in North Rhine-Westphalia
2020 – 2022Applied environmental research (AUF program): RecyleWind 2.0
2020 – 2021AI lighthouses for the environment, climate, nature and resources: AI and robotics for a sustainable circular economy (SmartRecycling)
2020Concept generation for the establishment of a recycling and disposal centre for onshore and offshore wind turbines in Bremerhaven
2019Determination of the calorific value of sorting residues from commercial waste treatment
2018Studies on the state of construction waste utilization in Bremen
2012 – 2013Development of a waste management concept for the offshore wind industry in northern Germany
2008Inventory, documentation and monitoring of a company’s internal use or a sale of a waste treatment facility
2006 – 2007Scientific support for the implementation of the concept for the adoption of loose residual waste
2006 – 2007Accompanying investigations to the commissioning of mechanical-biological waste treatment plant in northern Germany
2005Accompanying investigations to the commissioning of a MBT

Institut für Energie und Kreislaufwirtschaft an der Hochschule Bremen GmbH

Institute for Energy, Recycling and Environmental Protection at Bremen University of Applied Sciences