Research & Development

As s public private partnership company, the institute has a strong network with companies in the circular economy and the City university of Applied Sciences. We are constantly investigating current topics and problem areas, also in cooperation with students who are empoyed in internships or doing theses at the IEKrW, and are trying to find sustainable and future-oriented solutions. Amongst others our research topics include investigations and studies to increase energy and resource efficiency or optimize waste treatment and recycling. We also develop concepts and technologies, which are being tested on a laboratory, pilot plant or technical scale.

All tasks are related to environmental protection, circular economy and renewable energies. Further research topics can also be found here.

Selected references

2021 – 2022TH2OR – R&D project to develop an IT-based tool to assess and improve the resource efficiency of plants for production of green hydrogen (FEI program to fund research, development and innovation in Bremen)
2021 – 2022KoReNaRo – R&D project to develop a comprehensive concept for recycling and reuse of rotor blades made of plastic composite materials, BMBF
2020 – 2022R&D project to develop a resilient and self-learning recovery network for the recycling of wind turbines. Applied environmental research (AUF program to fund applied environmental research): RecycleWind 2.0
2020 – 2021R&D projects to develop concepts for the automatic sorting of large pieces of waste and thus to improve the recycling rate in this sector. For this, state-of-the-art technologies from robotics, sensors and AI are used. AI lighthouses for the environment, climate, nature and resources: AI and robotics for a sustainable circular economy (SmartRecycling), BMU
2019 – 20217th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government “Research for an environmentally-friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply”: EnEff:Bremerhaven – Smart Harbor Application Renewable Integration Concept (SHARC)
2018Investigations on the separation of plastic-wood-mixtures of a production company in North Rhine-Westphalia
2017 – 2019KuWert – Vessel-based treatment of plastics for the implementation of value chains in less developed countries and to avoid plastic input in the environment, particularly marine ecosystems
2015Investigations on utilization of biogas as fuel or gas substituent
2012Analysis of possible savings by the use of more efficient hybrid waste collection vehicles
2010 – 2011Studies on the potential of the landfill remediation in northern Germany
2010Studies on the market potential of small wind turbines
2010Studies on the preparation of GRP remnants
2009 – 2010Robot-assisted sorting of waste (ROSA)
2008 – 2010RessourcenManager: A material flow model for the cycle and waste management
2005 – 2006EU-Project: SACODI, “Development of guidelines for segregation, collection and safe disposal of hazardous waste”, Asia Pro Eco Programme

Institut für Energie und Kreislaufwirtschaft an der Hochschule Bremen GmbH

Institute for Energy, Recycling and Environmental Protection at Bremen University of Applied Sciences