Biogas plants and biological waste treatment

Since founding of the institute, we are successfully implementing projects for the sustainable and efficient recycling of biological waste and we accompany the development of the industrial sector. We offer services in the context of biologicial waste treatment in Germany and international. These include, among others:

  • Feasibility studies,
  • Development of concepts,
  • Preplanning,
  • Authorization and tender procedures,
  • Economic efficiency studies,
  • Monitoring of construction and commissioning of technical equipment and plants,
  • Monitoring of performance run tests, data collection, evaluation and analysis,
  • Determination of specific biogas yields,
  • Operational support for plant optimization and

Selected references

2023Laboratory determination of the specific biogas yields of fines from residual waste
2023Laboratory determination of the specific biogas yields of reject materials
2020Studies on quality of finished compost
2020Calculation of electricity losses for biogas plants when feeding into the grid
2019Semi-industrial fermentation tests for determining the suitability of cattle and pig manure as feedstock in dry fermentation (batch)
2019Planning services for upgrading of a biogas plant in lower Saxony
2018Technical-economic assessment of composting sites for green waste
2017Studies to determine the biodegradability of coffee capsules during composting
2017Composting test to determine the biodegradability of hygienic papers
2017Preliminary planning and investigations for the conversion of a rotting tunnel to a dry fermentation box
2016 – 2017Operation support and studies on process optimization of a composting plant in Lower Saxony
2016Investigations to optimize the treatment and recycling of bio-waste in Baden-Württemberg
2016Laboratory tests of specific biogas yield and quota of contraries of bio waste after pre-treatment by DRM-Hybrid
2016Tests of specific biogas yield for co-substrates of biodiesel production
2016Process assessment for treatment of bio waste from municipal waste collection
2016Tender of a bio waste treatment plant in Baden-Württemberg
2016Preparation of permit applications for improved performance of a biogas plant
2015 – 2020Operation support of a wet fermentation plant for food waste in Lower Saxony
2015 – 2016Studies on the extraction of wood and mulch from green and garden waste of a composting plant in northern Germany; Specification of bio waste and sorting analysis of sieving residues
2015 – 2016Semi-industrial fermentation tests for determining the suitability of various co-substrates as feedstock in dry fermentation (batch)
2015Site-specific planning to set up a bio-waste digestion plant in Baden-Württemberg
2014 – 2019Operation support for optimization of bio-waste treatment and recycling in North Rhine-Westphalia