Engineering services

The institute offers various engineering services. These includes:

  • Emission measurement in waste facilities,
  • Mold measurement,
  • Planning,
  • Revision/update of plant and pipeline plans,
  • Retrofitting of plants,
  • Optimizsation of plant perfomances,
  • Management and consulting,
  • Energy efficiency analysis,
  • Feasibility studies and economic efficiency calculations,
  • Carbon footprint of companies (according to GHG Protocol) as well as plants, products and processes,
  • Life cycle assessment as well as
  • Process evaluation and resource efficiency analysis.

Further service offers can be found at the other fields of activity of IEKrW.

Ausgewählte Referenzen

2022Digester gas analysis at a sewage treatment plant in Lower Saxony
2022 – 2024Services for creating a corporate carbon footprint (CCF) for a waste management company in northern Germany
2021Preparation of CO2 balances for waste treatment and wastewater plants in North Rhine-Westphalia
2020Analysis for treatment of waste water from paper production
2020Laboratory tests for the recovery of residues from disinfection and classification of the residues in accordance with the Waste Catalogue Ordinance
2020Laboratory tests on wastewater from paper production and development of first approaches for the treatment and recycling
2016Preliminary emission measurement of a waste treatment plant
2015Technical upgrading (emissions) of a CHP plant in Saxony
2013Assessment of the expansion options of sewage treatment plants in Albania regarding the integration of a biogas plant to increase energy efficiency
2013Studies on constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment
2012 – 2013Development of a model for estimating CO2 emissions from waste management measures at the level of “waste producers authorities”
2012Mold measurement in a waste treatment facility in Lower Saxony
2012Fuel management in an RDF power plant in Lower Saxony
2011 – 2012Exhaust measurement, optimization of the exhaust air streams, plant upgrading, etc. of a waste treatment plant in Thuringia
2011Carbon Footprint of a geothermal plant
2011Energy efficiency analysis of a plant site in Lower Saxony taking into account functional units
2010Emission measurements in an MBA in Lower Saxony
2009Development of a database for the evaluation of CO2 – emission of an energy supply company
2008Comparative life cycle assessment studies on the emissions from the transportation of waste on ship, rail and truck
2008Case-specific identification and comparative analysis of the modes of transport
truck and rail CO2 emissions associated